Adding images into activities


I created an activity where students take a video of themselves tossing a ball. They are supposed to freeze the video when the ball is at the vertex of its path and then save and add the image to the graph on the activity. When students go to the “add” button to add their image the image option is not available. Is there a way to allow students to add their image or will this activity unfortunately not work?


I don’t believe students are able to add an image from the graph component in Activity Builder. You would need to have students send them to you prior to creating the activity, or if Activity Builder isn’t necessary, just upload the image to the Graphing Calculator.


Thanks. That’s what I have been having them do…upload their images to a student account in Desmos. The activity directions are in the Activity Builder, however, so kids have to go back and forth between the two. It would be nice if they were able to upload their image in Activity Builder…something to suggest. Thanks.

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I agree, I’d definitely like to see this added to the Activity Builder.