Display explanatory text with a scatter plot

I have a slide with a scatter plot on, I know that if students click a point they will be able to see the co-ordinates of that point - I wondered if it was possible to also display some explanatory text in a note component e.g. this point represents a person who is 45 years old and spent £100. Then have that text change for every point you click on?
Many thanks!

I don’t think there’s any way to refer to where the cursor is focused. Alternatively, you could have a moveable point, maybe with sliders if you want to set the Step to only be in integer increments
In graph (sliders for a and b):
Then in your note:
content: "This point represents a person who is ${graphName.number(`a`)} years old and spent £${graphName.number(`b`)}."

Or alternatively, as a pointLabel, but it’s rather long text.

Thanks - that could work, I could have a single point they move around and then text that displays the correct x & y values for wherever they move it to! Thank you - I shall have a try.

I made that work - thanks for the idea!

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You could name your point (I used A above), then in your graph CL:

pointLabel(`A`): "${this.number(`A.x`) years, £${this.number(`A.y`)}"

Thanks! I think I prefer to keep the explanation in a note component so it doesn’t make the graph too busy. The idea of having 1 moveable point has given me something that works really well for me :slight_smile:

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