Displaying Multiple Correct Answers on a Graph after multiple student submissions

I’m trying to create a solitary game of battleship for our students who are not showing up to synchronous learning, so they can still participate in a similar activity.

What I want students to do:
Enter 1 point at a time into the table and then click the button to see if they “hit” a battleship.

What I have been able to do:
Capture each student entry as a new coordinate point so they can see previous guesses.
Display a “hit” after the first time the button is pressed.

However, I can’t guarantee the order the student will go in, so I have set all correct hits as a pressCount>0, which means after they hit the button the first time they can change their answers in the table and immediately see if it is right or wrong. Is there a way to reset the pressCount on the button back to zero when the student clicks the reset link?

Additionally, I would like the “hits” to remain on the graph, but the way I have it set (dependent on the contents of the table) it will not remain. Any suggestions on what parameters I could change to make this stay?

Activity is below. My CL is super clunky and a little messy as I’ve been pulling from other activities I’ve created and this is still a work in progress.

I appreciate your time!

The captures, x_{01} and y_{01} should contain all student points, so not sure the use of the other captures since your table doesn’t go that far down anyway. If you can find a way to capture whether they’re hits or not (1 or 0), you can easily graph hits (and misses) by using all three capture lists.

H_{its}=(x_{01},y_{01} {h=1})
M_{isses}=(x_{01},y_{01} {h=0})

where h is the list generated from the capture of hits vs. misses.

Thanks for the quick response. I understand what your suggestions are, but I’m not sure how to make them work. I ended up changing the activity so it is on a Sketch screen and added a 3rd column that tells them if it is a hit or miss, then instruct them to mark it as a hit.

Thanks again for trying to help!