Help with plotting points code

I can’t seem to get the grade #2 slide to work so that it counts finding each coordinate as a point towards the grade. Can someone check my code and help me?

I usually use lists if many points need to checked. I made some modifications to the graph to show that. You can copy and paste this graph’s URL into an expression line in your previous activity to overwrite it so you don’t need to copy and paste each line.

Then use this CL in the graph component.

check23 = this.number(`C_{heck}`)=1

correct: this.number(`C_{heck}`)=1

sum2 = when this.number(`P_{t1}`)=1 1 otherwise 0
sum3 = when this.number(`P_{t2}`)=1 1 otherwise 0
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It did not work. Can you do that graph as a Desmos slide so I can copy the whole thing pls?

You can copy Desmos calculator links directly into an activity graph. It will overwrite anything else in the graph.

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I’m not sure what part didn’t work, but I did notice I forgot to include one of your lines of code in my original post that would have send the score from screen 12 to screen 15. I have updated my original post to include the updates.

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Thanks! My school network was having issues and that’s why I was struggling with the link part. Once the network resolved it’s issues I got the copy link to work.

That was the piece that was missing, thanks for all of your help!