Duplicate Point in Graph

How do I duplicate a single entry in a graph? For example, I’ve inserted an image, set the height/width/center, and now just want to duplicate it so the image is there twice. Or I make a point, adjust the settings to how I want them, and then want to duplicate it a few times so I can just change the y-values.

I imagine there’s a simple way to copy/paste, but I can’t figure it out. I’d appreciate any help!

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There’s no way to copy and paste easily, but you can use a list of points for a single image’s center:


You can even use functions, like if you wanted the path of a ball along a parabola.

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You can do this by setting the center of the image to a list.
Something like this will buy you as many copies as you wish for free using just one source image:


so cool! thank you! I didn’t realize that I could make multiple centers.

You could also make lists for the other parameters as well, just need to be the same number of elements as your center list.