Copy previous with movable points

I am trying to copy the student answer from slide 2 to slides 3, 4, 5, 6. I have used the notation from the copy previous page; however it is not copying the identical sketch. I am assuming I have to have some other stuff in the computation layer. I am EXTREMELY new to computation layer, and I have no background in using it. Thank you for your help.

I added these lists, X and Y, to graph1. (Ignore list P)

This to graph CL in Slide 3:

numberList(`X`): graph1.numberList(`X`)
numberList(`Y`): graph1.numberList(`Y`)

and this into the graph in Slide 3:


and add labels for each with the corresponding probabilities. Originally, I used list P to use for labels to avoid some repetitive code, but it wouldn’t show trailing 0’s in your decimals (which I assumed you’d prefer to keep).

I’d recommend just duplicating Slide 3 for Slides 4-6 and changing your questions/answers. Also, you’ll want to make some dummy lists (e.g. X=[1,2,3,4,5,6]) so that you can set colors and such for points (X[n],Y[n]). Then, delete the lists after you’ve edited the way you want.