Edit an activity after you've assigned it

I assigned an activity for a class later today. I forgot to put in the first screen with directions. I was able to edit the activity, intending to delete the assignment and re-assign, but I can’t see any path to do so. Also I’m being cautious so that I don’t make a move that makes things worse. Let me know; thanks.

You should delete the assigned activity and assign your updated version again for students to access the screen with directions.

Have students already joined the activity?

I just did this today. If you go to your assignment (not Assignment History), you’ll see your list of classes. In the three dots menu, select Archive. You’ll be prompted if you’re sure you want to unassign. Then just reassign the updated activity.

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the help. I didn’t get a chance to modify anything, but I will take your advice the next time I mistakenly assign an activity before editing. Have a great day.