Script changes not applied to published activities

Hello, I have made an activity, but I have not set the correct value on each screen. Some students already took the activity. Now when I modify the activity and change the script to check the correctness. It looks like it’s not applied to the published activity.

Is there a way I can edit the script and have it applied to my published activity ?
Thanks for your help


Unless it’s changed with all the updates that have been happening, assigned activities are locked into that version.

Are there any plans to have post-assignment edits be pushed out to students who have not accessed/completed the activity yet? I understand the complexity of trying to merge the previous version with the new version for students who have started and/or completed the activity, but for students who have not accessed it yet it would be helpful to have the version they access be the newest one.

What we want to avoid by not doing that is changing the activity so that student work already existing in the activity no longer reflects the activity around it. That, or make you as the teacher parse the dashboard into two (or more) different activities - which would also mess with overlays and response summaires.

One compromise I would love is if you could automatically move a whole group onto a “new activity” which could just be the same as the old one but with a correction or an additional screen.

It’s true their answers wouldn’t carry over but it would be more seamless than saying “hang on a minute everyone, click on this new activity now”.