Edit point labels when point includes a variable

Hi - I’m working on a graph screen where the point labels move and change as time passes after a button is clicked. But as soon as I include a variable in the point, I can no longer see or edit the label. (In the expressions bar in the editor! I know why it appears/disappears on the graph itself.) It’s really frustrating me, because in order to see or edit the label, I have to cut the variable and then paste it back when I finish editing. There must be a simple fix, right?

Here’s more detail in case that didn’t make sense:

  • I put a point like (2, 4), and then label it with text I want to see.
  • I add the variable to the point, like by writing (2,4){t>3} or by writing (2, 4-t)
  • The place where my label was gets replaced by “__< t < __”, so I can’t see the label in the expression bar anymore
  • I’ve got a long list of these, and if I want to remember which is which, I have to cut the variable part in order to see the label. Or when I wanted to change the size of all the labels, I had to cut all the variables again to get to the label editing screen.

It’s the “checkans” graph at the bottom right of this screen:


If you predefine t in the graph, you won’t have this issue.

YES that’s all I needed - what a relief. Thank you!

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