Graph items in Multiple Choice with Point Labels

Why don’t the labels on my graph show up in Preview?


The labels of points do not show up in the preview or overlay. If you turn on the points on they will show up, but not their labels. I believe this is for visual simplicity in the preview/overlay windows, but I am not for sure.

If you click on the specific preview image the larger screen will show the point labels without any issue and you can toggle through students from that view. I’m guessing on Slide 1 you were checking to see if students entered a pythagorean triple or not. I made a check (See “new stuff” folder in the graph) so the triangle would show up green if they entered a triple, and stay white if not. This way from teacher view you could see the students that entered a triple and view their screens specifically.

For slide 2, if you add a graph and an input/note the labels show up. I tried to make a new slide 2 to show you what I was meaning. Not sure if this is what you were heading for or not but I hope it helps!

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