Embed Geogebra help

HI. Is it possible to embed a Geogebra activity into a Desmos page? For example, I am wanting to drop something like this onto a page and ask students to click the slider and answer a question: https://www.geogebra.org/classic/c9r3fndm. I know how to generate the iframe code, but am not sure if I can do anything with it.

Is this possible?


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I would guess that would be a hard no. But here is a similar sketch I drew up in about 60 seconds:


Maybe it’s of some use.

Thank you! I will try adding a graphs page and going off of that.

One more question, I tried using the Geometry page. Do you know why some of the capabilities are grayed out? I’m not sure if they just are not available yet or if I have something set incorrectly.