Turning Green-- Can this be done with Desmos?

Here is a applet made with GeoGebra.

I’m wondering if that can be done with Desmos. One thing I am stuck with is the mixing of the colors-- the blue and yellow combining to make green.

Thoughts? Better to just have the kids work with the GGB app in a second tab and input answer in AB, or build the app in Desmos?

Duplicate objects with different colors set and some variable that’ll conditionally display?

Maybe check out the Faucet lesson that does something similar with red and blue?

Seems like this would require a lot of combinations! Not sure how I would generate or manage those.

This is a really nice activity. I had not seen it! TY.

As I look at this activity, I think there is some javascript magic (Using something like: calc.setExpression(fillOpacity: calc.HelperExpression(latex: “h_{otOpa}”)) ) going on.

Part of my suspicion is that the graphs can’t be exported like most others can. I’m not sure how to get additional javascript into the calculator in activity builder, and the people who know probably are under NDAs.

I could be wrong, though.

Javascript docs: https://www.desmos.com/api/v1.5/docs/

I am not in any way adept at this, but there’s a Colors section in the API. Did you miss it or just not what you need. When you say “graphs can’t be exported”, can you be more specific?

Nice find! The API could make that possible, but not inside of Activity builder. Computation Layer never gives direct calculator API access (that would break its declarative language underpinnings).

In this case, we have some color-mixing features in the works… stay tuned (and sorry they’re not public yet)! But those are what’s being used in the mixing lesson.

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I lied. I had meant that the link to open a graph from activity builder in the nonAB graphing calculator was missing - it’s actually there, I just didn’t see it.

The functionality is there in the API - I just don’t know how to incorporate it into AB.