Empty number field

Is there a numeric equivalent for the function isBlank()?

You can use isBlank() for either text or math input.

Can’t get that to work. Documentation says it takes a string. I’m trying
CellErrorMessage:(2,1):isBlank(this.cellContent(2,1)) “Something here” otherwise””

Looks like cellErrorMessage won’t display a warning unless something was entered in the cell. You could use cellSuffix if you really want something when it’s blank.

Problem is I’m already using cellSuffix to check for correctness and isBlank doesn’t play nice with it. In other words I want a auto check and a check that something was entered

Won’t a cellSuffix indicating incorrectness imply something needs to be entered if it’s blank?

Yes but I then have to check if what they enter is correct

I just mean if you use cellSuffix to give either a check or x, then that’s your check for correctness, and there’s no need for an error message if it’s blank. The x negates the need for the error message. Students should realize it’s wrong because it’s blank. You can also use a correct sink to give the checkmark on the dashboard if they’re all correct. Although I still feel like I’m misunderstanding your needs.

So the application is for solutions of trig functions, If there are two solutions and only one field is entered, that is an error. So the program has to both check if an entry is made and whether it is a correct entry

I think I need to see it. I still don’t get the need for both the suffix and error message.

I’d appreciate the help as always

I still don’t understand. Although for check2, you will want to add that the second cell is not equal to the first. You also could use not(isBlank(this.cellContent(3,1) instead of the inequalities.

So on the screen I posted, If you enter a value in the first cell and nothing in the second cell, You should get an error message in the second cell. Just can’t work out the syntax, the logic is obvious. Likewise having trouble with the syntax that would not permit a repeated value in the second cell. There is no not equal operator.

I personally don’t find it obvious. I think a red X in the suffix is an indicator instead of needing a specific error message for an “incorrect” blank cell. Maybe that’s personal preference, and will just have to suffice since error messages simply won’t activate for a blank cell.

For the last concern, there isn’t a not equal operator, but you can negate a statement:

...and not( numericValue("1st one") = numericValue("2nd one") )

Hi Daniel,
So this is what I came up with
cellSuffix(2,1): when table7.submitted (when check2 and not(isBlank(table7.cellContent(2,1))) “:white_check_mark:” otherwise “:x:”) otherwise “”

No error but it also doesn’t work. Where is my mistake?

Under what conditions does it not work? And what is the expectation?

You don’t need the not(isBlank...) because check2 would be false if it were blank. It’s just redundant.

If I leave the cell blank I don’t get the *X” I get nothing.

Is there a submit button? That’s what table7.submitted means, which I learned they’re deprecating submit buttons for tables anyway. So maybe that’s this issue. That is, maybe submitted means an entry was made.

Try making and naming an action button. Then, replace table7.submitted with yourButtonName.timeSincePress() > 0

Good thought but an empty cell still doesn’t register as an error.

That’s weird, but I see now. Workaround would be to make a second column for displaying any messages or feedback. Empty cells don’t cause any conflict with that.