Error in self-generating equations for systems

I’m creating a slide where linear systems are automatically generated and I can’t seem to find my error for the second equation. regenerating systems • Activity Builder by Desmos

Students are already given an equation in slope-intercept form (y=mx+b) for equation #1. The other equation is in general form and I want students to rewrite that one into slope-intercept form before graphing. I can’t seem to get the correct constant value for equation #2 and don’t know where my mistake is. The slope-intercept form for equation #2 is correct though.

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Man, that’s really confusing. Might help to not use so many x_n’s. I’d use A, B, C for the constants and coefficents in standard form. Maybe m_y, m_x for numerator and denominator of the slope fraction. I’d define the lines in the graphs to confirm variables are being calculated correctly before pulling those values into the CL (i.e. it’s really hard to navigate what parts of each equation each variable is).


The original task where I got the initial coding used x_ variables (so I kept it as that for my own task).

I changed all of the x_ variables to a, b, c… Just by doing that the coding worked and the values for my equations worked. I have no idea why that was the issue, but it worked! =)

Thank you for that suggestion!!

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mistyped variable names somewhere :man_shrugging:. Glad it’s working now!