Issue with code for a graphing problem that generates new linear equations

My colleague copied an activity that continues to generate new slope intercept equations when the table is filled out correctly and the graph button is pressed. She copied the slide and now the 2nd slide is not working correctly; the 2nd slide uses the same slope and y-intercept as the original slide and when it graphs, the slope and y-intercept are opposite of what’s in the equation. Does anyone have suggestions becasue I have never coded an activity with the regenerating problems? The copy is below and the issue is on slide’s 13 (original) and 14 (duplicate).
Copied lesson: HCMS y=mx+b Practice • Activity Builder by Desmos

Original activity:

The issue is only with slide 14, right? If so, I see that the displayed equation was modified but the equation that’s supposed to be graphed in the calculator was not. Change line 16 to this: