Auto check student answers for Desmos generated equation, then graph lines


I found a task online and would like to adapt it where:

  • Students need to enter the slope and y-intercept value that matches the equation that’s generated by Desmos - with feedback on if the values are correct/incorrect.

  • The randomly generated equation isn’t showing up on the task. For some reason when I tried to use another teacher’s Desmos task to create this practice, no equation shows up on the student screen.

Here’s what I have so far: Graphing Review • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thank you for checking out my dilemma.

In the activity that you copied, was there another screen that had a component called graph11? It looks like the equations were being generated in that graph.

Yes there was - I added that slide to my task and I see the equation now. But I’m still not sure how to verify that the student responses match the generated values. =/

Also, does this type of Desmos generated task need to have a component like graph11?

Here’s the task with the slide containing graph11: Graphing Review • Activity Builder by Desmos

You don’t need any graph component for something like this. Here’s a basic example of a similar idea that includes feedback.

Do you think there’s a way to connect this with a graph that students need to draw and can check for correctness with a button? I’ve been trying to code the cl for the graph component and am having no luck.

@Somsack_Chaitesipase Yes there is. I don’t understand exactly what you’re asking but you can have the graph generated from their inputted equations or have them shift a graph around to match specifications or an equation.

Try taking a look at this and see if it sparks ideas.

I can probably get something together with a sketch if you prefer, but here’s something I made where students can check graphing. If you copy this and add in the inputs from the previous example, it should work. I made this a while ago, so the code is not clean at all. Let me know if you need help interpreting anything.

Thank you everyone for the support and guidance! I appreciate it.