Expanded lesson wrap-up with teacher notification

I always scan the lesson summary screen at the end of class, looking for students slipping through cracks to assist before the end.

I modified the lesson wrap-up screen from “Checking for Understanding” Desmos-created activities so students self-assess their understanding.

With some CL, we can have Desmos identify the struggling ones for us though, no more hunting through graphs at the end of/after class! It marks the screen as wrong if any of the skills are rated below 0, I imagine each teacher might tweak each cutoff to their liking.

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I’m not sure this does what you want it to do.

The good: open-ended feedback

The bad: that textbox means Desmos ignores correct validation in the teacher dashboard

In my opinion - and many others here - this is one area Desmos sorely needs to change: the ability to switch on correct validation irrespective of text input.
But… I’ll also say that student’s own self assessment alone is not sufficient to determine things objectively, nor is a single screen of information, which is kinda why there are multiple things to do in an Activity.

Hi Mike, thanks for your feedback.

You are absolutely correct about the checkmark not getting displayed properly because of the text entry box. I expanded it onto a second screen.

You are also correct that this does not paint an entire picture of a students learning. I combine this lesson wrap-up with targeted Check for Understanding questions throughout the lesson so I and the students can see what they’re struggling with.

Some students still blaze through this, and some are overly critical of their own skills, but it works pretty well for the majority of my students.


Nice! This is my version:

I think it is nice to give students a chance to comment on their own work. Even if there are those who dont take it seriously, there are that much more who see it as a chance to be honest and that is a powerful tool, even if it only works for one student. I find most students are honest in their reflection and feedback and actually comment on things they struggled with.

Oooh, I like that they get the homework assignment quickly if they self-assess as successful versus being directed to speak with you directly. That’s easy enough to program into their hw screen with CL.

If we leave a bit of extra time at the end (10-15 min end of class) then we can get those questions/misconceptions cleared up quickly before they leave, awesome stuff!