Explain this graph?

I have this activity created by Jay Chow and would love an explaination for the graph on screen 2. Anyone able to help?

The graph is being used to perform the correction of the student answer. It’s much easier to use the lists, X, Y, and Z in the functions in the graph because doing it in the CL would require a separate line of code for each of the 10 sets of values being used.

Basically, he’s comparing the difference between the expected answer evaluated at each of the 10 sets of values with the student’s evaluated at the same values. If the sum of those differences is within 10^-6, the output of I_c is 1 otherwise 0. Then, that’s used in the input for the correct sink. I think he’s missing readOnly: true (or the same correct sink code) in the graph to get a checkmark though. (@Jay)

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Spot on. It was actually framed as a non-example and an incomplete screen (see video), but the graph does exactly that.


Thank you for the context of the video!
I’m trying to learn how to use the graphing utility in a more robust way, so this all was really helpful!