Correct Dashboard with graph

Hey guys,
I am a bit confused with my code. I want it to give me the check on my dashboard when the student gets the correct sign.

I only know how to do it with tables and math inputs, so this CL is a bit hard for me to figure out.

Thank you always :slight_smile: :blush:

You’re close. Buttons don’t have correct sinks. Best practice is to put the correct sink in the component where the work is checked. In this case, your graph.

You DO have a correct sink in the graph. The problem is readOnly: true overrides a correct sink telling the dashboard to ignore the graph when correcting.

You could have it conditionally readOnly, in case a student wants to use the sketch, but you’ll need to name it:

readOnly: sketch5.sketch.strokeCount>0
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Thank you! Extremely helpful! :slight_smile:

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