Feature Request for Sketch

I see a lot of potential for the sketch component, but in still needs a couple of features. I read other requests for text and I would like to add my request for that feature. My reason is that my students, along with millions of others have non-touchscreen Chromebooks and trying to write words or numbers with the sketch tools is almost impossible on a touchpad. It is a little easier with a mouse, but it’s still messy. I would also like the ability to change the thickness of the pencil tool. If it could be made small writing might become a little more clear. If it could be made thicker, it could be used for shading and coloring in objects easier. For example, I had an example where students were using unit rectangles to multiply fractions. I need them to do some shading in the rectangle. The thin pencil tool was hard to use for shading.

Finally, I work in a district that uses CPM. I love CPM and it has some really great eTools. Is there any way to work with CPM to make their tools components?

Thanks for the Consideration,
Richard Punches