Feature Request: View Only Mode

I am teaching in remote learning with Desmos this year.
I like the idea of using Desmos for assessments, so when students are done I can pause their work and grade it. But then I can not let them see their work (or my comments) without unpausing it. Sometimes, a student tries to change an answer and tell me ‘you graded this wrong, give me more points’ (this has happened on paper tests.) Is there a way to create a feature to switch to VIEW ONLY mode, so the work is frozen and students can scroll through to read their work and my comments?


I like the idea of “view only mode” but since it doesn’t exist yet, you could use hidden sinks and copy student inputs into notes that could replace the input components. You’d need a button click (maybe a final slide asking students to “submit final answers”) to replace the physical handing in of a test.

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Hi @Joel_Patterson ! Did you find a work around for this situation?
I also have potential “you graded this wrong, give me more points” students.
My paper work-around is to scan/email myself their submitted work.
For Assessments on Desmos, I wish there was either a Print to PDF option to refer to later if a student attempts to request for more points, or the View Only Mode is a definite PLUS+++++ and a Much-Needed Feature. I used Desmos for every lesson during the Pandemic Year, and the Desmos community has been amazing in its improvements to add features that are so useful for educators and education in general. The View Only Mode is definitely a great add on! Please share if you’ve found a work-around. Thank you :slight_smile: