How to prevent students from going back and changing answers

When a student finishes a test in desmos I would like to have it so they cannot go back and change their answers on prior slides (I can’t restrict the pacing if others are done yet.) Is there a code which would have them submit their test and then lock them out of it?

There are many ways of accomplishing this but here’s something I’ve been doing from time to time: [Copy of] MPM1D Unit 3 Mini Quiz | Linear Relations • Activity Builder by Desmos

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I was looking to do this also, but was unable to view your linked activity.
Could you possibly share the link again.
Many thanks

Sure. There are many ways of doing this, but I kind of like the Table way as it’s the only way that natively prevents changing entries.

You can also do other things like hiding certain things after submission, but this works fairly well:

Thank you so much for your quick reply, and for sharing.
I shall have a look, and a play with this.
Many thanks

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