Disable cover text for teacher view OR lock screens for specific students

I am giving a quiz in desmos. I don’t want my students to be able to view their previous work after finishing the quiz, but I do want to keep it open in case others go back and do it.

I was thinking

  1. have a cover text after they submit the quiz
  2. lock screens fo specific students after they submit the quiz.

Does anyone know how to do this/ is there a better way to make this happen?

You could have the coverTexts conditional upon submitting each slide individually instead of all at the end, then everyone has to move forward from where they are.

What I have been doing is having a button on the final screen that acts as a Lock for everything in the activity. I tell students to click that when they want to finalize their answers. After clicking that, I automate mark summation, give them a report, etc. but to your use-case, it hides all the inputs they submitted.

Does that sound like what you’re looking for?

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Yes! do you have an example of what I need to do that?

here you go: [Copy of] MPM1D Unit 3 Mini Quiz | Linear Relations • Activity Builder by Desmos

Is it possible to disable a graphing calculator slide?

That is what I do as well. When they submit it locks their answers. Depending on the test, this one will also post their scores and a table breaking down the incorrect slides

This one does not, but it does pull up a table with the incorrect slides, and a break down of class averages when I type “baldreeresults”