Feedback resets or hides after action button is reset

Students complete a card sort then move to next screen to check their work by clicking a “check my work” action button.

Feedback is given on how many correct, if not all correct the action button is reset using resetLabel. But the feedback still remains there.

The student goes back and sorts cards again then goes to next page to check their work but the old feedback remains. How to make the old feedback hide or reset when a student navigates from that page to correct their work?

What condition are you using to show/hide the feedback? If you are using .pressCount, this will always be >0 once the action button has been pressed. You might need to use .timeSincePress instead.

Could you share the activity so we can take a look?

I’m not a big fan of feedback on the next page. You can actually give them instant or incremental feedback using the CL coding in this activity.

For example here: [Copy of] Modified Cardsort feedback • Activity Builder by Desmos

When students press to check their card sort they get feedback. If incomplete they are asked to go back. But when they return to check their card sort their old feedback remains and it updated once you click the action button.

I would like for the old feedback to be hidden once the student goes back to change their work.

Agreed, I’m just looking to practice my CL. Thank you for sharing your resource though it is very useful as well!

Any thoughts on this @pirsquared ?

@SteinSchreiber if the feedback is on the same page is there a way to have the feedback hide/reset when the action button has been reset?