Help with Fixing an Ordering/Button issue

Hi all,

I searched for the answer to this, which might involve a button reset, but I could not figure out how to make it work.

We want the students to be able to order the list and then check their answers up to 3 times. The problem is that after clicking the “check my answer” button, when they re-order the list, the page reacts as if they’ve clicked the button again. So if they are moving numbers around without intention, they can get to “3 checks” accidentally. Is there any way to make sure the button isn’t considering any changing of the order as a “check”? Here’s the page:

Thank you all!

I made some adjustments. The list will disappear after the 3rd try so that it can’t be changed, but I made it display their final answer so they can still see. Does this work for you? [Copy of] Help with Fixing an Ordering/Button issue • Activity Builder by Desmos

That is amazing - thank you! I’m trying to decide if, pedagogically, it makes sense to have the final list reveal the correct answer or stay stuck on their own incorrect answer. I’ll have to ask my team of teachers which they prefer.

It wouldn’t be hard to make it show the correct answers as well. You could have an additional message that shows the correct answers, but only when the correct conditions are not met.