Toggling Buttons


I am trying to create unlimited practice for my students in which they are looking at translations, sketch a graph/write an equation, check their answer and then can click a button to start a brand new problem. I have the brand new problem showing up fine, but I’m not sure how to swipe their old answers. Ideally it would look like a single button (even if I’d be using 2) where “Check My Answers” is showing until they click it and then “Try another!” appears in its place. Clicking Try Another should wipe the previous answers and reset the graph number c_1 back to 0.

Is this possible? Here’s the activity so far:

Hello Melissa!

Here is one way to accomplish that:

I consolidated your buttons into a single button called ‘submit’. The button changes labels after each click, and a couple resetOnChange sinks manage resetting the student answer and button label. There is also a capture to track of how many problems a student has generated. Hopefully this works well for your needs; let me know if it needs any adjusting or if you’d like a more thorough explanation of any of the changes!

This is great! I’m slowly starting to get when and how to use resetonchange. Thank you for your help with this!

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