Copy Previous "Geometry" Construction?

I would like to basically “Copy Previous” with a Geometry construction Desmos activity builder. I tried, but I don’t see 3 dots (I’m guessing because I have #CL enabled?) and I can’t figure out the sink (I think that’s the right word) for a Geometry component.

I want to do what this activity does from screen 5 to screen 6: Practical Trigonometry Problem Solving • Activity Builder by Desmos

If it’s helpful, this is my activity, and I want to copy the student’s construction on screen 5 onto screen 6: Triangle Congruence Theorems • Activity Builder by Desmos

Thank you!

Caught this one on twitter before I caught it here, my apologies. Let me know if you need help hooking up the geometry stuff in a graph.

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Thanks, but I don’t think I can do what I want them to do outside of a Geometry component. The idea is to explore the triangle congruence theorems and show that the criteria meet our (transformation-based) definition of congruence. So they would need to create a triangle with, say, the same side lengths as a given triangle. Then, they would need to show that you can map the original triangle onto the new one using transformations. (And then wiggle the original triangle to be convinced that is always the case.)

They can do all that using a Geometry window, but it’s a lot of steps on one page. And I think that transferring it to a Graph window would make it complex enough that the students couldn’t actually do it themselves, which loses the constructed authenticity I’m aiming for. I’ll ponder whether I can get to a similar understanding in a different way.

I really want to use Desmos Geometry in my classes, but I guess it’s not there yet this year either. (I need CL in AB, and an Angle Bisector tool on Thank you, though!!

Ooh yeah that’s tough. There are def ways to do it but probably not as clean looking as you’d like. Maybe take advantage of mathTHENexplain so get the answers you want.

I’ve taken to using buttons and the hidden sink to help navigate the large amount of expository text for long geometric constructions as my hack for keeping things on one screen.