Unable to copy or edit because of deprecated feature

I wanna edit this activity but cannot because of deprecated feature.
Is there a way to fix this ?
I don’t know how to contact the author as well so any recommendation is a great help for me.
Thanks a lot.

Can you write in to support@desmos.com with this question? We can help you more formally there.

The original author fixed the activity this morning, so it can be edited now!

Thats what happens when you reach out to Desmos support!

If we’re able to make contact with the author and get collaborator access, we can make those edits for you (as long as they’re possible).

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OMG ! Thanks a lot :))

I still find it strange that Desmos made this change that breaks existing activities without notifying the authors or making a way for those activities to even be run any more without intervention. (I can understand not allowing copy and edit, since that would increase the number of activities with a deprecated feature.)

It makes me worry that in three years’ time another feature will be deprecated and thousands of activities will suddenly be rendered unusable.

I think you’re confusing unusable and uncopyable.

The activities in question worked in their original form, but copy blocks were out in place to prevent the duplication of code that has been marked as deprecated.

Is it now possible to create a new class code for an activity with the copy and edit deprecated feature?

I should say that I don’t know what the feature was that caused the above activities not to work (for instance, if it was use of rawExpression) and so my comment is only intended to apply to the deprecation of copy previous graph.

Those activities will automatically update when they’re edited. This upgrade is necessary as the concept of “previous graph” can be ambiguous now that multiple graphs can be added on the same screen.

I would still have liked if those activities could be run in some sort of legacy mode without any edits.

Just want to flag that it is a little concerning that activities we are creating today could become unusable in the future if something else becomes deprecated - it seems as though they should be assignable even if they can’t be copy-and-edited.

Typically activities with rawExpression can still be run. And activities with copy previous can be copied. These cases occur when an activity has both copy previous and rawExpression. You can fix it by pressing edit and then publish, or having the author press those two buttons.

Ok. I still hope that it won’t be an issue in the future if other features or combinations of features become deprecated.

By the way, this page seems to suggest that rawExpression isn’t a relevant factor but that any activity involving “Copy Previous” will not work without edits: Copy Previous — Learn Desmos

I got there from this activity written by Michael Fenton that I previously used and thought was quite effective: Off the Charts • Activity Builder by Desmos

Yes, that’s what I said. Activities with rawExpression can be run but not copied. Activities with copy previous cannot be run.

If you own an activity with copy previous and with rawExpression you can edit it and anyone will be able to run the activity again.

Not owning the activity would prevent you from copying it. And not being able to edit will prevent you from creating a class code.

Ah, okay - I misunderstood - I thought you were saying “the only time an issue occurs is when both rawExpression and copy previous are in use” but re-reading your post above I can see that either of those things is going to cause an issue.