Graph from input

I have a series of slides. On the first, the students enter data into a table, and the scatterplot appears as a graph next to it. On the next slide, the scatterplot appears as the background for a new graph. So far, all of that is working. I then have the students input a function and want it to also appear on the graph, which I call graph3 (that has the scatterplot already on it from the previous slide, graph2)

So far, I have
background: graphLayer(Graph2.calculatorState)
bounds: Graph2.bounds

On the input (I call input4), I have
initialLatex: β€œf(x)=”

I’m sure I need to define the function somewhere, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Any ideas?

It sounds like you just need to add y=f(x) to a cell in your graph. function plot β€’ Activity Builder by Desmos

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