Graph appear after submit

Hi - I am working on slides 3-7 of this activity and I don’t want the graph to show up until after the students submit their equation of a circle. Can someone help me?

First you’ve got a deprecated feature so it can’t be copied right now, but there are a few methods.

  1. Add a restriction associated with a variable defined in the graph component related to the submit count
number(`s_{how}`): when inputName.submitted 1 otherwise 0
function(`f): parseEquation(inputName.latex).differenceFunction("x","y")

Then in your graph:

0=f(x,y) {s_how=1}
  1. Conditionally define your function (by any of a variety of methods, here differenceFunction due to the circle equation) in the CL:
function(`f`): when inputName.submitted parseEquation(inputName.latex).differenceFunction("x","y")
otherwise simpleFunction(`1/0`)

Ok. Let me back up then. What is a depreciated feature and how do I fix that?
I will keep working on the other information you gave me. Thanks! :slight_smile:

When I enter what you have here, I get an error in the math input CL that says:

Mismatched" types in choose - function<{numVars:2}> and [object Object] differ

What do I have wrong?

  1. A deprecated feature is something that is no longer supported. The most common ones have been “Copy Previous Graph” (since now there can be more than one graph on a screen), and rawExpression.
  2. Change simpleFunction(`1/0`) to

I did that and how I get an error that says, “could not find sink function” in the math CL.

I wanted to push my understanding of pattern matching to see if a student could type in the equation and the code would match the h, k, and r values of the equation. If that was possible, you could animate a circle to show the transformation of a circle at the origin with a radius of 1. I don’t know if you’re interested in that sort of thing, but I was able to make it work. It does have a lot of code, but you shouldn’t have to edit much. You can change the note to match your screens and if you want to duplicate the screen and make a new circle, you just have to edit the blue circle equation and everything else should work. If you see something broken or would like work differently, let me know. Here’s the link.

It should be in the graph CL not in the input.