Deprecated feature - help

Hi. Does anyone know what the deprecated feature is in this Exploring Circles activity. I would like to make a copy and edit it, but I’m unsure what feature and what slides are the current issue. Any help would be appreciated.


Are you the original author of the activity? If so, look for any code that includes rawExpression and put a # in front of that line of code. Once you save that, it should be able to be copied.

For example,



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Hi. Yes, I am the author. I found an instance of rawExpression on slide 20, for example. However, when I change it to #rawExpression, it no longer graphs the circle as it is entered into into the box. Is there still a way to do this and copy or is that feature what no longer exists?


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Here’s the first post that showed up when I searched.

I have removed all versions of rawExpression(input.latex) that I can find and I still have the issue with deprecated feature / no copying. Is there another feature I should be looking for?

Exploring Circles

Looks like you missed a few on screen 17

Yay! Problem fixed. Thank you all so much!