Get coordinate for a table

Dear Desmos CL Community,

I have a random quadrilateral on a graph component. Once the random number generator has defined the point, how can I get those coordinates out of the graph to use as a cellContent in a table?

sample of CL rough draft

Thanks in advanced for the help.


You have to reference coordinates individually. Without looking at your code, for point P in graph1 to display coordinates (x,y):

cellContent(1,2): `(${G.number(`P.x`)},${G.number(`P.y`)})`

You can reference elements of a list as individual numbers in a similar way.

Edit: Pretty sure that should work. If not, Iā€™d make separate lists for x and y coordinates and reference individual elements, which I know for certain works. ${G.number(`X[1]`)}

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Thanks Daniel!!! Your code worked perfectly.