Two tables being graphed

I want to plot two tables on a graph and I have no idea what to code.
I can plot one table but I can’t get the second one to work. Any ideas?

You can’t have two variables of the same name defined differently.
Try table2=table7s (and edit after accordingly), or just directly use table7s in your numberList definition.

Same for the lists. Try numberList(`X_2`) and numberList(`Y_2`)

Do you know which parts I attach that to?
I really appreciate the help. I am new to creating CL codes

In your graph CL, I altered your original to this:

numberList("X"): table7b.columnNumericValues(1)
numberList("Y"): table7b.columnNumericValues(2)

numberList("X_2"): table7s.columnNumericValues(1)
numberList("Y_2"): table7s.columnNumericValues(2)

You also need to add (X_2,Y_2) in the actual graph.

Think of it like the using the slope formula. We refer to coordinates of any point as (x,y), but if we look at more than one we have to be more specific (i.e. (x1,y1) & (x2,y2)).

Your original code has table=table7b AND table=table7s, so when you tell the program that the first number list is from table.columnNumericValues(1). Which table are you referring to? It doesn’t see the order of the lines of code.