Help I'm new at this!

I would love to use this type of activity where students use the table/graph to input the rise, run, slope and then add the equation to the first slide. I can see the CL for graphing the equation that is input on the second screen but I want that to be added to the first screen. Is there a way to do that? When I copied the CL on the second screen it messed with the functions on the first screen.

Slope Check

Thanks for the help!

Welcome! Just add the note and input as they are in slide 2 to slide 1, and add the CL from the slide 2 graph into the slide 1 graph.

I copied everything exactly, but it does not graph the line when the equation is entered. Is there a certain order for the CL in the graph because it is reading the table as well as the equation?

Slope Check

Try adding y=f(x) into the graph. That should work.