Point labels in sketch background graph

I’m guessing the answer is no, but…

Is there any way to make point labels appear in a graph that is the background to a sketch?

Do you mean a graphLayer set in CL? If you choose an editable graph as a sketch background it should be showing point labels by default.

If you’re bringing in specific points by means of a graphLayer you can probably use some manual CL typing to bring in the point a different way instead. With points we have access to pretty much all of the info we’d need to create a point using a number and pointLabel sink.

I’m trying to copy the graph from the previous screen

Awesome! What points are you trying to bring forward?

Its for this.

So from screen 7, after they have entered two numbers into the table and go to screen 8 it copies the graph as it is for them to sketch into the parentheses. And then so on on future screens - the animation takes them up to a step, they fill in the next step, and then the animation will show them,…

Got it, looks like you’re still hooking things up in your graphs so I won’t edit directly. Either way, easiest way here is to just set what you want manually. You can have everything behave the way you want, just specify where you want the labels: