Graph Reveal Combination based on Multiple Selections

In this activity I want students to pick a function for f(x) and second one for g(x) and then choose their combination (adding or multiplying).

I think my CL all works but is not very efficient. I assigned numericValues to their f choice, their g choice and then through brute force assigned numericValues to all the possible combinations.

There has to be a better way. Let me know if you can help. Thanks!

You can define a functions as lists, and choose a single element from it. I didn’t make folders for all the sliders, but here’s a graph:

Thanks @Daniel_Grubbs . Very Slick and good learning for me. I updated my original Demo Activity to showcase your solution with the added CL requirements.

My next little hiccup is in my Combo Function equation output. On Slide 4, I have disableEvaluation on each of my Math Inputs for a, b and k however when I use them in Combo Function equation displayed in the top note component, fractions get outputted as evaluated decimals. You’ll see it when you select any function and input a = 1/3. The output is 0.333333… I would prefer the combo equation to show 1/3.


It’s because you’re using numericValue for your equation display. Try this in your note CL for each variable:


It’ll take the actual latex of the right hand side of the equation, instead of the evaluation of the latex.

That worked perfectly. Thanks again for your help!