Two inputs on same graph

I’m trying to make it so you can put two different inputs onto the same graph. I just guessed what to use so I don’t think what I did is anywhere close to correct. Hoping someone may know how to do it! Or let me know if it’s not possible.

You need to use a different letter for each function. Desmos is confused what you want f(x) to be.

If you want to have the graph display, you need to include y=f(x) in the actual graph. (You can define f(x) in the graph so that you can choose display options like color and line type, but the function itself will be overwritten by whatever is defined in the CL.)

I tried using f(x) and g(x) but it said I couldn’t use latex twice.

You must’ve changed something else. All you needed to fix was this:

And add y=f(x) and y=g(x) in the actual graph.