Graph Sink with Equation of a Circle


I am trying to design an activity where students have to figure out the equation of a circle that passes through two sets of points. They would input the equation and then it would immediately graph it on the graph next to the input. Then they can click submit or share with class. I am unsure what the correct CL language is.

Basically exactly like this function sink template I found (Function Sink • Activity Builder by Desmos) but with an equation of a circle instead of an actual function.

I am new to CL and I am only just learning the basics. Any help is appreciated.

I may have had that same question - and found a way to do it on the first slide of this activity:

And then I used it as part of this activity:

Hope this helps!

Maybe take a look at this?

Yes that does the trick. Thanks so much!

Great! Yes that will work as well in my geometry class.