Pulling an inequality input from a math field into a graph

Currently, I can pull an equation from a math field into a graph. However, when students put in an inequality, it will not allow the graph to change if the student puts a <,> or <=, >=. Basically, the dotted or solid will not change even if the students change the sign; it is dependent on my code instead of the student input.

Computation Layer Script
#graphing line from line1 to give all =100
function(“f_1”): parseEquation(line1.latex). differenceFunction(“x”,“y”)

#graphing line from line2 to give all not =100
function(“f_2”): parseInequality(line2.latex). differenceFunction(“x”,“y”)

Graph inputs
0 = f_1 (x,y)
0 > f_2 (x,y)

Here’s an example that you can look at that may help. Feel free to ask if you have questions.