How to use 'math input' to graph an inequality (open versus closed circle)

Student question: Solve by graphing -4(5-2p)>4p-6

Here is what I have so far in the graph script:
number(X): when input.timeSinceSubmit()>0 numericValue(parseInequality(input.latex).rhs) otherwise -20

number(I_{sStrict}): when parseInequality(input.latex).isStrict 1 otherwise -20

inside the graph edit:
(X,0){I_sStrict=0} (closed circle)
(X,0){I_sStrict = 0} (open circle)

math input: correct: this.latex = \left(3.5,\ \infty\right)

I want the math input (from the student) of x>3.5 to graph a open circle and solid line towards infinity

I adapted a screen I already had to make a solution for this. The problem is that it requires the answer to be given in inequality form, not interval form. I’m not totally sure how to parse interval form to be sure that it is a parentheses or square bracket, as well as plus/minus infinity without doing an exact latex check, which I try to avoid. There’s probably a way, but I don’t know what that is right now.