Having desmos plot a point of intersection based on two inputted functions

On Slide 8 I have the students input a function. On Slide 9 I have the function kept and have the students input a second one. On slide 10 I have those two functions being graphed. Is there a way to have a coordinate be plotted directly on the intersection for whatever function that is inputted? I am wanting the students to see these two functions graphed and be shown the intersection point for them to write their thoughts about what this point is representing. Linked is the activity.

Interested in a few things:

  1. Will both equations be lines?
  2. If not, what do you want to do if they intersect in more than one place? Show all?
  3. What if they overlap?

For this specific program it would only be the intersection of linear functions, but if the other questions you asked had solutions I would be interested in hearing those too. Plotting the point of intersection between two linear functions is my primary goal though.

Anything with multiple intersections would involve a lot of decision on the part of the creator but not entirely impossible.

If you’re using lines, this might help: Intersection of two Lines • Activity Builder by Desmos

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