How to plot coordinates from math input onto following screen's graph

I am looking to teach a introduction lesson on linear inequalities for an Algebra 1 course. I would like for my students to explore the idea of how you decide where to shade by whether or not a point works in that section of the graph. I want them to pick their own point, whether it be by putting it into a table or math input or using a draggable point on a given graph. Then on the next screen, to plot all these coordinates on a graph with the given line to show which part of the graph should be shaded. Is there a way to even do this?

Also, I have been trying to read through other related posts, but I am new to using the more advanced parts of Desmos and programming in general.

There are a lot of parts in this type of activity, but a lot of repetition, too. This might be close to what you’re considering:

Susan, I certainly appreciate the help! Sorry for the late response, I have been caught up with other stuff that I forgot about this post until now.