Header Row Latex - Not able to compare to first row

I am having the user solve the equation, and will be giving partial credit for the first step. Any first step will do, but they should not get credit for just copying the problem.

This is a small portion of the code. This is NOT the activity, but it demonstrates what I am trying to accomplish.

It seems to be handling the header row latex differently than the cells below.

UPDATE: I did a workaround where you put the equation in the code, and then put the problem into the header, instead of the other way around. But still a little curious.

Seems like the header row requires the ` ` to make it Latex, and so it thinks the cell content is `2x-5=-3` and not just normal 2x-5=-3. It also works if you have no header row. I think the workaround is probably the way to go. Not that it would change this behavior but have you considered also using cellErrorMessage.
[Copy of] [Copy of] Handling the header row as row zero.

I like the errormessage! Thanks. I have it set up so that as long as they show me any first step, they will get the full credit. I know they can just type any equality, like 5=5, and it will give them the points, but I hope they don’t figure that out. They actually can use up to 12 steps if they really want to go to town and show every property used. If it was an advanced class, I would add a column, and make them type in the property.
Here is a link to the full “quiz” if you want to take a look. You can type any equation and answer into the code, and it will work, so it is pretty easy to just make a new (practice) quiz. When I code, I like to think about “could I give this to another teacher that does not know code, and would they be able to still use it with minor edits to code?” I think this fits that description.

Any suggestions would be welcome. It is my first attempt at using the parseEquation code, so there may be better ways to do it. It also has not been tested with a full class, so there may be an issue that comes up that I am not aware of.

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Great job on your comments in the CL code. Also I like how you set up the summary screen and made it where students locked in a score. I’ve begun to use parseEquation a bit, but I’ve still haven’t used desmos as a quiz platform.

In regards to making it easier for teachers and even myself, I’ve started using hidden tables (see attached). This way even I don’t need to adjust the code much.
Hidden Table for teacher questions and answers

very clever…I will use that. thanks for the idea.

The slides on the quiz were adapted from this. Just a simple equation solver slide that can be copied to add equations. It tells the students when they enter a (any) correct step. On the first problem, they actually could just type 5=5 indicating they are adding 5 to both sides, and it will give the go ahead symbol.
I added your table idea, Much better. Thanks. Looking for any other suggestions…


Hello…you suggested awhile back to use a hidden table to put in the equations…
I am having a minor issue with the checkmark on the dashboard.

Usually when you compare latex for correctness, spaces do not cause a problem. But the dashboard is showing incorrect if a student puts an extra space in the table. They still get the correct “done” message on their screen, so the space i not an issue there Is there a workaround for that?


ans=Problem.cellContent(1,2) ← This is the code that needs to be ‘converted’ or something, i think???

I hope your school year is going well.

nevermind…i figured it out… I think the “correct” statement was a remnant from the code before i used the table.

I just needed to get rid of the “{$ans}”
on all of the correct statements…