Help needed with "bulk" MC checking

So what I’m trying to accomplish is basically a “template” from which I can quickly create a follow-up assignment with several self-checking multiple choice problems for students to do (sort of like clicker questions, but these may be done in-class, after class, or started during and finished after). I want them to be able to check their answer, but I don’t want to make it TOO easy to check so as to (hopefully) discourage rapid-fire guess and check. :roll_eyes:

I ALMOST have it working how I want. Here are the issues I’d love to fix.

  1. They won’t see correct/incorrect until they go to the final slide and click the button, and then go back through the slides. That’s perfect! The problem is, once they DO go back to the slide, they can just start clicking the other answers until they see which is correct. I would like it if, when they change an answer, they have to go back to the button and click again to check. Maybe I should add a submit button to each MC?

  2. In a perfect world, I would like to “tally” on the final slide the total number correct when they click the button. E.g., “you have 4 of 5 correct”. I’m pretty sure there isn’t going to be a way to do that without much more complicated CL, in particular, unique names for the MC components. I don’t want to do that, because like I said, I want to be able to whip these up quickly on my end, lol. But if anyone has any ideas, let me know! (This is less important to me than #1.)

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  1. If you have your final button use capture and lastValue, then they’d have to click that button to re-check. I’d use conditional statements to output 1 or 0 for correct/incorrect. (This could be the location of your key instead of each slide.)
  2. If you used a graph (it could be hidden), you could collect correct/incorrect captures in a list and easily tally using total in the graph. I’d imagine making a template with the maximum number of questions you want and deleting code and slides when you want less.
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Thanks, @Daniel_Grubbs! I’ll look at those changes to the button for #1.

I considered something along the lines of what you suggest in #2, but I would have to have all the MC components have unique names, right? I’m trying to avoid that (if I can) just for ease of creating these quickly. Right now, I only need to reference a MC on the same slide, so unique names aren’t necessary and I can just “duplicate slide”.

I know it wouldn’t be a huge burden to tack on a choice#, so maybe I just shouldn’t be so lazy, lol. I guess in the end, it’s just a cost/benefit about how important achieving #2 really is for the exercise.

So, this really wasn’t working out as I wanted it to, without significant CL needed that would have to be modified on every slide. I realized after working out capture/lastValue that those required unique names for the MC components, among other things.

So what I came up with gives students get 2 tries per problem, and then the question locks and they are given the correct answer if they don’t get it. I think this serves my purpose, as this is meant to be formative and will be either optional or “effort/completion” only if required. Those who are motivated will use it to work through problems and self-check (hopefully!).

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