Help with aggregating from MC to histogram or pie chart

I want students to select one flavor of ice cream and have the total number of students who selected each flavor appear in a graph of some kind. I would prefer a pie chart, but would be happy with a histogram. Here is the mess I have so far. I have been looking at other related questions, but am struggling to understand the error messages I am getting, notably about syntax and naming variables. I think I copied exactly from this activity to create bars from the data.
When I also tried to copy a pie chart that was aggregated, I got the error message that the graph was in degrees but the activity is in radians and I am completely flummoxed.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!
Anne Guerriero

A few things to consider:

  1. The activity you shared uses Checkboxes instead of a Multiple Choice. If you only want students to select a single ice cream flavor, there’s a lot that can be simplified as I’ve done in this example.
  2. The error message that the graph is in degrees, but the activity is in radians shouldn’t break anything. It’s primarily there to warn you that calculations in one graph may not work in another, that is automatically set to radians. So your pie chart may not be the issue you think it might be.(You can also just change your activity to degrees if you want. See the picture below.)

Thank you!
Your help is greatly appreciated!