Aggregating Student Graphs

I am trying to do an activity to introduce linear equations where I play “mystery number.” Students list two numbers that add to say 12 in a table and it graphs them (I got this part to work). They only get to pick one pair. Then they predict what happens when all student graphs are placed on the same screen, like what Desmos already has built for inequalities on the number line. For the life of me I cannot get the aggregate feature to work even after digging through these discussion boards. I think it has to do with the code in both CL and the information put into the editable graph portion.
Please help. I got it to work on a number line for slides 1-3 but can’t get it to work on a graph for slides 4-6. My lesson for this is on November 4th.

I think I have gotten it to work now. I just don’t know if it’s the best way. It seems there should be a simple way to do this.

What are the “Indicators” for in Slide 3’s graph? Because if students guess correctly, -4, then nobody’s points will show because I=1 only if they choose a>-1. Or maybe I reading something wrong.

I don’t really understand what you mean. I am not a coder/programmer at all so I steal code from other slides. My first slides are taken from the “Inequalities on the Number Line” put out by Desmos. I was reading your comments on similar questions on this forum and tried the things you mentioned and I couldn’t get them to work right.

I forgot to mention that I don’t even know what indicators are. I noticed the “I” in the code I stole but when I tried to delete it it marked it as an error so I put it back.

There are restrictions in the graph for the points. The curly braces mean that unless I=1 and the particular element of the aggregated list A_1>-1 the point won’t show.


Take out the restrictions and it should graph all of them fine.

(There’s a folder in the graph called “Indicators”. I didn’t realize you hadn’t written the code.)

Thank you. I’ve taken all of those out I think but I still don’t know if I have aggregated the student graphs correctly for when they are plotting points together. Normally I do this activity as a class discussion and they write the “two mystery numbers” on a little whiteboard and then we graph all of the pairs on the main whiteboard and see that it makes a line. I currently only have half of my students at a time so we do everything on Desmos so they can all work at the same time whether they are at home or school. So this time I want it to be that their chosen numbers are graphed for them (I accomplished that) and then all of the student graphs are put onto one graph so it will (hopefully, as long as they choose the right pairs) make a line. This is done on the like Desmos “Inequalities on the Number Line” activity when they slide the point to a number larger than 3 and then it puts them all on the same number line to demonstrate shading. So I don’t know if I have quite accomplished that correctly or not. I am currently working on the activity so I don’t know how it shows up when you view it, like what slide it is, but it is the series of 3 slides that says “I’m thinking of TWO numbers…” I really appreciate your help on a Saturday!

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