Help with CL displaying Equation format

Hi Squad,

Came across an awesome Trig activity but i’m trying to modify it a little. Currently on this slide when the sliders are moved it shows the function in the form:

but I would like for it show up as:

I tried to look under the CL to see what changes I could make, and then I realized the stuff in there was wayyyy above my head.

Any and all help would be super appreciated in helping me edit this :slight_smile:

Here this should help some. Note I didn’t have it reduce the fraction for the phase shift. Also there will be some limitations to phase shift since it depends on the B value. When I originally coded this, I chose to write as Asin(B(x-h))+k in some respects because it was easier to code.

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Also, you will want to make sure that students can actually choose the “answers” you put in the graph. For instance pi/2 or 4pi/8 is unavailable with the sliders when B is 1/2. I kept the phase shift from -3/8pi to 3/8pi.

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Thank you so much for this!
This activity seriously blew my mind. Getting to this level is #goals

It took me about 3 to 4 months to get to the point that I could code an activity like this one. Early on, I had found an awesome activity and tried to decipher the code and simply got lost. Even now it still takes time to decipher someone else’s code. Best thing is to find small things that make sense and then build your knowledge up from there. There is a lot of good videos on Youtube especially Jay Chow’s work.

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Especially when there are no notes! (Guilty btw)

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I love when the CL has notes in them. They come in so clutch :muscle:

I definitely do it when I’m sharing something here, but not always the best when I’m just making it for myself.