Help with CL in last slide of AB

I would appreciate some help with my last slide. I want to import student inputs from previous slides to that they can total everything without having to flip to previous screens. I successfully imported inputs in other places, but have an error message that I don’t understand. Any help you can offer so that I can fix this will be much appreciated. I am still very new to CL and struggling to make sense of it all.

Any feedback about the activity itself would also be appreciated. I am adapting from an alternate assessment that was a one-pager, so figuring out how much to put on each screen is still new to me.

Thanks in advance for your help and everyone’s willingness to share here!

[Al Geborah's Cafe • Activity Builder by Desmos]

Anne Guerriero

You were close! Just include the .latex at the end of those variable definitions.


content: "You have spent $ ${myBill} on food for your guests, $ ${myTax} on tax, and $ ${myTip} on a tip.

What is the grand total of all the expenses for your birthday party?"
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Thank you! The error message is gone now!