Student Feedback on Slide with 2 math input components

Hi! Looking for some help. I believe the CL I have so far just allows me to see if the multiple responses they provided are correct.

correct: input5.submitted and input5.latex ="\frac{4}{\sqrt{2}}"

What am I missing to allow them to have some feedback on this slide? Is it possible to put student feedback into both Math Input CL?

Thank you!

A correct: sink only effects the teacher dashboard and must be in the input (in this case). So, I’d alter a little. When you’re in a component, you can use “this” to refer to it instead of it’s component name. Also, using backticks instead of quotes improves latex matching.

In input5’s CL:

check=  this.submitted and this.latex =`\frac{4}{\sqrt{2}}`
correct: check

Then, you can use the variable check to determine feedback in a note.

content: when not(input5.submitted) ""
         when input5.script.check "Correct!"
         otherwise "Try Again."
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