Ordered list check • Activity Builder by Desmos

Hi! I am wondering why when the ordered list is correct it just shows the correct statement and the button doesn’t require pressing. I was hoping for the students to press the button and then get the correct statement. TIA

It appears that you have the button being disabled in the event of an incorrect guess. I intentionally went to check an incorrect answer - the button is no longer available, and then when I changed the list to a correct response, it automatically populated “Good Work” because both checks were valid (the check against the list and the check for “did you press the button”).

Also, might I suggest instead of placing it on two different screens and disabling the press of the button, you perhaps allowed students to attempt as often as they needed, get the feedback on the same page, but then also have something in the note field that keeps track of attempts (insert a ${btn3.pressCount} into the content)